About us

The Association of Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises from Covasna County was established in 1996 with 21 members, with the main objective of supporting the entrepreneurs and economic development of the region.

Its current membership is close to 500 businesses.

In 2002 the association had established a consulting company, Covimm Consulting LTD.

Our goal

Supporting small and medium entrepreneurs in the region by representing their interests. Participation in regional development, collaborating with local and national public authorities, public institutions and economic organizations for this purpose.

Our objectives

Developing collaborative relationships with similar organizations, publicizing the activities of the association to create a positive image. Attracting funding and investing them in the region, organizing training and education courses. Participation at business meetings, seminars, conferences, fairs and national and international exhibitions. Ensuring the participation of members in training and education courses. Forming professional groups in different fields, so that the transfer of information and maintaining the relationship with members becomes much more efficient.

A new vision

Formation of professional groups in different fields of activity, which represent the basis for the formation of clusters.

Professional groups with legal form within the Association

  1. Association of Pensions from Covasna County - Asociaţia Pensiunilor din Judeţul Covasna

2. KO-FA Association (wood processing) - Asociaţia KO-FA

3. Association of Traders from Covasna County - COMCOV - Asociaţia Comercianţilor din Judeţul Covasna - COMCOV

4. Association of Traditional Craftsmen and Masters from Covasna County - POPARTCOV - Asociaţia Artizanilor şi Meşterilor Populari din Judeţul Covasna - POPARTCOV

5. Association of Waste Management Operators - Asociaţia Operatorilor de Management al Deşeurilor

6. Green Energy Association - Asociaţia Green Energy

Professional associations and groups can be the pillars of clusters. Some examples:

1. Cluster in the food industry

2. Cluster in the field of wood processing

3. Tourism cluster

4. Construction cluster

5. Cluster in the field of waste management

6. Cluster in the field of renewable energy